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  About Me

I am a very experienced mathematics tutor with over 3,000 hours of tutoring to date whilst still maintaining a passion for my profession. My interest in how people learn led me to study for a Masters, this combined with the time I have spent one on one helping people learn means that I now adopt a very intuitive approach to tutoring. All my lessons are finely tuned to best suit the learning style of my student.

With younger children I look to harness their natural love of learning, relating mathematics in a way that makes sense to them and is meaningful. I aim to make mathematics fun and use a variety of maths aides to assist them in their discovery of the core mathematical concepts which will underpin their future mathematical studies.

With older students I focus on examination paper technique and practice. I work with my students to give them the skills to quickly identify and correctly apply the correct formulae and method to solve exam level questions.

In 2015 I achieved a distinction in a MSc in Cognitive and Decision Sciences at UCL. My undergraduate degree is in Mathematics and Philosophy from Cambridge University (2.1), and I achieved 4As at A-Levels (A* had not been introduced) in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and History.

  Recent Tuition

Qualifications and Boards taught

International Baccalaureate (Higher Level, Standard & Mathematical Studies)

Cambridge Pre-U (Edexcel & Cambridge) including the Further Mathematics course.

A-Level and Further Mathematics A-Level (Edexcel, OCR, OCR MEI AQA & WJEC)

AP Calculus AB & BC and Precalculus

GCSE (Edexcel & OCR), iGCSE (Cambridge & Edexcel) and AdMaths (OCR)

11+ and Common Entrance results:

Awarded scholarships to Harrow (13+) and Hamptons (11+).

Secured a place at Westminster (Scholarship exams), passed pre-tests to Westminster, St Paul's, City of London, Kings, Bradfield College and Charter House.

11+ Entrance - places awarded at UCS. Harrodian, Alleyn's, Thomas's, Emmanuel, Streatham & Clapham High School, Francis Holland, with interviews at Godolphin & Latymer and Latymer

  Hobbies and Interests

Outside of my work life I have keen interest in travel, I've travelled particularly widely in South America and I am currently studying Spanish. I also enjoy the theatre and being active, with kayaking and rollerblading both being sports I regularly participate in.


"I was lucky enough to have Ellie as my maths tutor for both my GCSE and A-level courses. At the start of Year 11, I struggled with the subject, receiving C grades on my assessments. However,

thanks to Ellie's excellent tutoring, I received an A* grade on my final exams.

Similarly, in Year 12, I found the step up to A-level challenging and reached out to Ellie again for

tutoring, achieving an A grade overall on my Maths A-level. I believe that I was able to succeed

in my maths exams thanks to Ellie's patience and considerate nature. Her teaching was tailored

towards my way of learning and she always ensured that I felt confident with the material

covered. Ellie is extremely encouraging and driven in lessons, ensuring that no time is wasted so

that the best results are achieved. " Dina, GCSE and A-Level Student

“My son William had a late diagnosis of severe ADHD when he was 16. Before Ellie started

tutoring him he was predicted a ‘C’ grade GCSE at best in Maths and was struggling in the

lowest set. His teacher was astonished at the huge improvement he made; and in a short period

of time he went up 2 sets and started getting the best marks in the class and achieved a grade

‘A’ at GCSE. He went from a loathing and fear of Maths to enjoying the subject. Ellie is very

patent and clearly adapted her teaching technique to accommodate my son's difficulties due to

ADHD symptoms. We are both very grateful to her for her help and commitment and I would

strongly recommend her as a maths tutor to a child of any age, ability or with additional

educational needs” Kate, I taught her son William for 3 years through to his final GCSE exams

“She is an excellent teacher, with a lively personality and an enthusiasm that can make even the most challenging subject interesting. She is driven by the premise that whatever the topic there will be a way that the student will fully understand it and will not rest until that has been accomplished. Always providing the right amount of encouragement and support to keep her students fully engaged. She is driven by the premise that whatever the topic, there will be a way that the student will fully understand it.” Ines, mother to two children in Year 4 and 7

“She is very punctual, serious, responsible, she always focus all the lesson because she makes every single minute counts. Ellie listens very well what you like to do. She is accurate in the approach and she is an excellent communicator, the children really understand the explanation and concepts. She has authority and kindness at the same time and she is capable to take full attention of the children.” Barbara, mother to two children in Year 7 & 9

“Ellie is a very committed, communicative and an interactive tutor; she detects problems of her students very quickly and helps her students in overcoming them step by step.” Sooyun, Maths AS

“Eleanor Bailey is a dedicated tutor that knows both the Maths A level and Further Maths A level syllabus extremely well. She helped me complete the full maths a level obtaining 90% in c1-c3 in just 1 year. I would recommend her to anybody taking maths or further maths, I would not be where I am without her'” Stephen, A-Level student

"I would not hesitate to recommend Ellie. She is extremely patient, very helpful and organised and really knows her stuff. She will find a way for you to understand something even if she has to explain it in 100 different ways. Thank you so much Ellie, I could not have found a better tutor." Tom, MBA Maths Entrance Test

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