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Common Entrance Tuition

At this stage your child will need to focus on exam technique and preparation. Unfortunately schools adopt a 'one test fits all' methodology, which can fail to take into account the wide variations in development level displayed by children at this relatively young age.

Our tutors will even out these differences in developmental level and improve results dramatically. In Literacy we focus on the core skills of verbal and non-verbal reasoning and essay composition: encouraging the child to unleash their full creativity (and to curtail it in when necessary!). In comprehension we ensure that children understand the meaning of different question terms such as 'describe' and 'explain'. As in all exams, understanding what the question means is the half the battle.

For Numeracy, we often spend time revising the core concepts of multiplication, division, subtraction and addition before moving on to the more challenging questions. Many children are perfectly able to handle the complex areas as soon as they are grounded in the basics.

"Russell was really helpful and very lovely; always on time and definitely helped Eren a lot with her English and interview technique etc. She was definitely feeling well prepared when she went in to the exam at Notting Hill" Mrs I, Bayswater

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Simply Learning Tuition provides the highest standard of private tuition at Common Entrance level in the United Kingdom. Please note that all of our tutors are based in Central London and will travel to you for lessons. In some cases, travel time and expenses will be charged. If you live far from London, please contact us for information about residential tuition.